5 Metaverse Business Opportunities To Consider

We are all in the exciting realm of metaverse business opportunities! There are already numerous prospects for companies and creators to explore and profit from. This upcoming virtual society presents a unique advantage by offering multiple worlds where new experiences can be created, and social connections can be deepened and expanded.

Metastack will delve into the various profitable metaverse opportunities and how your business can tap into this burgeoning landscape. So, let's embark on this journey together and discover the incredible potential that awaits in the metaverse!

What are Business Opportunities in Metaverse?

Metaverse business opportunities have been actively pursued ever since the inception of this groundbreaking and immersive virtual world.

Enterprises across industries are eager to harness the metaverse's advantages, creating captivating 3D environments for training, recruitment, events, and customer interaction.

While the technology is still in its early stages, businesses seek ways to thrive within the metaverse. Furthermore, leveraging its real-time nature, persistence, and shared characteristics.

Just as they have done with the Internet, companies adapt to this transformative landscape, capitalizing on the metaverse's vast potential.

What Companies Are in the Metaverse?

The metaverse presents a fertile ground for business endeavors, boasting an autonomous virtual economy that utilizes NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and digital currencies. This innovative landscape has opened up many possibilities for companies to explore novel business concepts while leveraging cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Within the metaverse, numerous noteworthy activities contribute to creating new business opportunities. These include:

  1. Shopping: Establishing retail stores and immersive e-commerce malls to offer unique products and exclusive promotions.
  2. Digital art: Capitalizing on the potential of NFTs to showcase and trade digital assets and collectibles.
  3. User interaction: Leveraging the metaverse for customer support, employee onboarding, sales, and overall business communications.
  4. Virtual education: Providing immersive learning experiences and digital classrooms within the metaverse.
  5. Social experiences: Host various events, workshops, concerts, fairs, and other engaging activities to foster social interactions within the metaverse.

Through these diverse avenues, businesses can tap into the metaverse's vast potential, creating thriving ventures that cater to the evolving needs and desires of a digitally interconnected world.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop in the Metaverse?

With the proliferation of companies venturing into the metaverse, the potential for metaverse business opportunities becomes a compelling topic.

Early adoption by enthusiastic users can lead to extended customer loyalty, prompting numerous prominent companies to invest in metaverse services and actively contribute to its expansion.

Establishing a profitable presence in the metaverse necessitates two essential steps. First and foremost, investment in infrastructure is crucial to explore the potential of metaverse opportunities fully. Secondly, acquiring digital assets is paramount.

Given the nascent stage of many projects, it remains challenging to determine the exact cost of developing a metaverse presence. For instance, a small plot of land in Sandbox can be priced as high as 6 ETH, while Decentraland offers real estate options starting at 14 ETH.

On average, a 1x1 area in the metaverse carries a minimum cost of $30,000. Additionally, acquiring tokens or virtual currency is essential for facilitating transactions within the metaverse.

How to Start a Business in the Metaverse

When considering metaverse business opportunities, conducting thorough research on various metaverse spaces is crucial to effectively translate your brand into a virtual experience.

Evaluate the options, particularly those offering land or tokens, and carefully determine your desired investment amount. Understanding the associated costs beforehand is always prudent when embarking on a metaverse business venture.

The Best Business Ideas in Metaverse: 5 Profitable Metaverse Opportunities

Metaverse business opportunities are influenced by the nature of the business you aim to develop, shaping the platform and assets you should consider purchasing.

Here are some compelling metaverse business ideas and successful application examples to inspire your entrepreneurial journey.

Immersive Learning Experiences

Metaverse business opportunities thrive in the realm of immersive and captivating learning experiences. Also, you can venture into enhancing medical education, offering higher education prospects, or exploring military applications.

One of the remarkable advantages of leveraging the Metaverse for such learning experiences is the pre-existing infrastructure that eliminates the need for building from scratch. Moreover, the virtual world of the Metaverse already encompasses the necessary framework.

By utilizing VR rooms and digital headwear, you can seamlessly merge digital information with real-world encounters, enabling students to engage in novel experiences. Furthermore, the inherent flexibility of immersive learning experiences facilitates effortless adaptation to emerging practices and theories.

Consider these illustrative examples of metaverse immersive learning businesses:

  • Novartis utilized multiplayer VR simulations for training life-saving lab skills.
  • Verizon developed digital experiences for staff to navigate high-stress robbery scenarios.

Retail and Fashion

Metaverse business opportunities in the fashion industry are promising. Moreover, the vast potential allows for creating virtual shopping experiences and introducing new lines and items to gauge interest.

Operating a fashion boutique in the metaverse offers numerous advantages. The goal is customers' ability to use avatars to try on clothes and accessories just as they would in the physical world.

Furthermore, individuals can effortlessly test virtual counterparts of fashion pieces, assessing how they fit together and creating stylish combinations.

In the metaverse, running a retail or fashion business can involve offering tangible products or focusing solely on selling digital assets. For instance, companies can provide avatar outfits, hairstyles, and accessories designed for use within the metaverse worlds.

Prominent examples of metaverse retail and fashion businesses include Nike and Rtfkt, who successfully sold their "Cryptokick" sneakers as NFTs.

Additionally, Gucci created a limited Garden Space exclusively for Roblox players, showcasing the brand's innovative presence in the metaverse.


Metaverse business opportunities extend to the realm of advertising, particularly within AR and VR platforms, where immersive experiences can enhance the effectiveness and engagement of ads.

These opportunities encompass a range of possibilities. For example, displaying images on virtual plots of land, leveraging digital cinematography, interface design, and interactive programming.

In the metaverse, renting billboards for advertising is common, often involving payment in cryptocurrencies like ETH. The outcome is typically faster and more cost-effective advertisements compared to their physical-world counterparts.

Adopting a test-and-learn mindset and embracing experimentation is crucial for businesses venturing into advertising. Defining clear marketing goals and identifying platforms that align with your brand's objectives. In addition, designing experiences that resonate with your target audience is essential.

Several examples illustrate successful metaverse advertising businesses. For instance, NASCAR partnered with Badimo to integrate branded vehicles into the Roblox game for a ten-day event, leveraging the metaverse's vast user base.

Deliveroo innovatively deployed virtual drivers to facilitate deliveries within the popular game Animal Crossing, showcasing their brand in a unique and immersive way.

Similarly, Real Madrid, a football club, ventured into the metaverse by selling smart tickets for matches through NFTs, demonstrating the intersection of sports, technology, and fan engagement in the evolving metaverse landscape.

Social Media

Metaverse business opportunities encompass the next evolutionary phase of the Internet and social media. It provides users with a highly immersive means of connection.

Integrating AR and VR technologies, the metaverse offers an experience that closely mimics real-life social encounters.

This unique characteristic presents significant advantages for businesses operating in the social media sphere. It allows users can engage with one another more effectively.

For those aiming to establish a social media business within the metaverse, self-contained virtual communities are ideal for promoting products and fostering new interest groups.

The appeal of the metaverse is such that major technology companies are actively investing in developing their platforms, recognizing their immense potential.

Prominent examples of metaverse social media businesses include Facebook, which recently rebranded as Meta, signifying its commitment to creating and promoting immersive social experiences within the metaverse.

Furthermore, platforms like PlayStation Home provide users with a virtual 3D world to interact and socialize, showcasing the metaverse's capability to facilitate rich social connections and experiences.

Virtual Events

The emergence of the metaverse has opened up numerous business opportunities, allowing a wide range of events to occur in virtual worlds.

Trade fairs, art exhibitions, workshops, and concerts are a few examples of the experiences that artists worldwide are now creating.

The key advantage of organizing events in the metaverse lies in its accessibility, as anyone with an internet connection can quickly obtain a ticket. Moreover, leveraging avatars to establish a digital presence enhances the feeling of attendees being present at the event.

Running events in the metaverse boosts audience participation and presents a golden opportunity to collect data that can be used to enhance future experiences.

Prominent figures like Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande have already tapped into these metaverse business opportunities, with Snoop Dogg crafting his immersive video "The House I Built" entirely within the metaverse.

At the same time, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have mesmerized audiences with virtual concerts held within the popular game Fortnite.

Metaverse Business Opportunities: Conclusion

In conclusion, the emergence of the metaverse presents many exciting business opportunities that can revolutionize how we engage with customers, promote our offerings, and distribute our products and services.

The question is how our company can harness the power of the metaverse to achieve remarkable growth and expansion. Also, we can unlock endless possibilities, enabling us to connect with customers innovatively. So, let us embrace the metaverse and embark on a remarkable journey toward a future where businesses thrive.

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